beëdigd vertaler


Mortgage deeds, wills, transfer deeds, prenuptial agreements, as well as general and special terms and conditions. These are just a few examples of texts I translate on a regular basis. All legal translations into English are reviewed by a native speaker, who is also a legal translator. I can also provide certified translations.


Investing, banking, accounting, financial reporting, consulting; these are all areas of financial translation I’m experienced in. Press releases, quarterly figures… all documents you can safely entrust to me. I started as a translator/editor at PricewaterhouseCoopers (formerly Coopers & Lybrandt) and now have over twenty years of experience in financial translation.

EU policy

I translate a variety of texts from different EU institutions, including amendments, resolutions, communications by the European Commission, petitions, parliamentary questions and parliamentary reports. I also translate articles for magazines and websites on the very comprehensive EU legislation.


The translation of software requires a special set of skills. I have worked on a number of translation projects, for instance, for PeopleSoft and Oracle.

Diplomas and certificates

Do you have plans to work or study abroad? In that case, your diploma or certificate, or your report may need to be translated. Often, these documents also require certification. A certified translation is printed on watermarked paper, stamped, initialled, and provided with a statement by me attesting to its accuracy.

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